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HiPoTek Fuel Pump Module with Walbro 450 LPH E85 Pump With Full Feed and Return System: Dakota 96-04; Durango 98-03; Ram 94-03 (Customer Supplied Used OEM Module)

  • Shown with Optional Baffle Sump
  • Shown with Optional Baffle Sump

Product Description

This is a used OEM fuel pump module that is customer supplied which will be modified with a Walbro 450 LPH E85 compatible fuel pump. It is designed to be used with a custom fuel system using a full feed and return set-up, separate fuel pressure regulator, etc.

The customer sends HiPoTek their used fuel pump module in good undamaged condition, without prior modification, and HiPoTek will modify that module with the Walbro 450 LPH E85 fuel pump. The completed unit will be tested and sent back to the customer.

Optional Fuel Pump Module Sump/Baffle: The HiPoTek Fuel Pump Module Sump is designed to be used with a modified fuel pump module, where an aftermarket fuel pump is installed by cutting a hole through the bottom of the basket, in which the fuel pump pick-up filter passes through to reach the bottom of the tank. The sump helps keep fuel within reach of the fuel pump pick-up filter when the tank fuel level is low during acceleration, braking, and turning. The sump and fasteners are stainless steel.

HiPoTek Fuel Pump Module Sump Dakota Durango Ram

This can work on the following vehicles:

  • Dakota 96-04
  • Durango 98-03
  • Ram 94-03

Supports horsepower levels up to:

  • Naturally Aspirated: 1475 Crank HP
  • Nitrous: 1175 Crank HP
  • Boost: 975 Crank HP

HiPoTek is not responsible for bad parts supplied by the customer such as the pressure regulator/filter, sending unit…grommets, or seals. If these items are in question, the customer may be better off buying the new module option.

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